Cringleford Courts, Oakfields Road, Cringleford, NR4 6XF

Court Booking

Members: Book a court online

Note: No Turn Up and Play. You need to be a member to play on our courts.

1. To avoid arriving/leaving at the same time as other players, start times should be staggered by 15 minutes when booking side by side courts with a 15 minute buffer between bookings on the same court.

2. It is recommended that play is spread over upper and lower courts in the first instance to minimise contact, but play can take place on side by side courts.

To make a booking:

1. Click on the desired court at the time you want the booking to start.

2. Select end time from the drop down list up to a maximum of 90 minutes.

3. Add Participants 

Click + Add participant, enter name of opponent, then click Save.

The default setting shows the participant as a Member.

If a guest is playing, click the drop down arrow, select Guest.

Add each participant, then press Continue.

Ensure you pay any Guest Fee promptly after play.

4. You will receive an email confirming your booking.

Family Membership and Junior Members

Parents/guardians: Please ensure you read and follow our guidance Supervision of Under 18s for play outside coach led sessions.

To book the court in the name of the child:-

Sign in as parent/ guardian with your registered log in detail.

Change the view to your child’s membership- in top right corner, click on the down arrow next to the parent/ guardian name and change the user to the child’s name.

Make booking and add participants as above.

Cancelling a booking:

If you subsequently no longer need your booking, please cancel it immediately so that another member can use the court.

Click ‘My Bookings’ in top right view and cancel your booking.

Why not try the the ClubSpark Booker App which is available for download on iOS and Android?

To create a ClubSpark account to make bookings:

You need an invite to join Cringleford Tennis Club on ClubSpark. This will enable you to create a ClubSpark account if you do not have one, or you can log in with an existing LTA account or a social media account if you prefer. Email Nicki Mitchell for an invite.

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