Cringleford Courts, Oakfields Road, Cringleford, NR4 6XF

Box Leagues

Offering new and existing members the chance to play ladies and men’s doubles against different doubles pairings. Box leagues are suitable for players of all standards as there are boxes of different levels. 

Women’s Boxes March-May 

Men’s Boxes 1-3 March-May

Men’s Boxes 4-5 March-May


Matches must be completed by 15th May so promotions and relegations can take place at the same time. The next cycle of matches must be completed by 30th June.  

If new pairs enter, boxes 4 and 5 will be expanded. 

Matches will comprise two tiebreak sets (7-point tiebreak) followed by a 10-point tiebreak if sets are drawn.

Players get a point for each game won and an extra 2 points for winning a deciding 10-point tiebreak.

Any matches not played by the deadline will be awarded either as a walkover 6-3, 6-3 or as a draw 3-6, 6-3. This decision will be made by the organisers. Reasons for awarding a walkover would be injury or continued unavailability. A draw would be decided if neither side was responsible for the match being played. 

Please remember to email your scores after each match to Alison Gilmour or Hugh Gilmour

Enjoy your tennis!

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