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Health & Safety

The club does not employ staff to undertake daily oversight of the courts, equipment and supervision of players and the Committee relies on members and users of the facilities to identify any issues which may need to be addressed.


Notices have been affixed to the notice board and courts asking that all club members wear appropriate clothing and footwear on the courts and that they check that the court is suitable for play. If there is a problem with the premises or equipment then members are asked not to use them until the problem has been rectified and inform a member of the Committee as soon as possible in order that the problem can be rectified.
The names of relevant Committee members are on display on the notice board and website.


Notices providing accident and emergency guidelines are also on display. Members and users of the club’s premises should note that there is no public telephone on the club’s premises. They should therefore ensure
that they have a means of contacting the emergency services should the need arise i.e. a mobile phone.
Details of the club’s exact location are on display on the notice board.

CTC is an unmanned facility and it is therefore the individual responsibility of each member to inform those you are playing with of any known medical condition that you have that may require immediate assistance.

Defribrillator Defibrillator located at Sports Pavilion to left of side door access


A regular risk assessment will be undertaken to ensure that the premises and equipment are safe and suitable for play. At all times, members should appraise the risk and satisfy themselves that the courts are safe and wear appropriate tennis footwear with adequate grip.


Children using the club’s facilities do so subject to appropriate parental permission. Parents have a duty to inform those supervising children during organised activities of any relevant health information in relation to
their child. Parents also have a responsibility to ensure that their child behaves in an appropriate way and does not do anything which may endanger themselves or other users.


Anyone undertaking maintenance work should ensure they wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

Had an Accident?

In the event of an Accident on the courts, please complete an Accident/Incident Form and pass to a committee member as soon as possible.

Accident and Emergency Guidelines | Safety Notice

Updated November 2019

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