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Club Rules

Club Rules

We are all responsible for making tennis enjoyable, fun and safe’ (LTA, 2016)

The following rules are designed to ensure fairness and allow all members to enjoy the club’s facilities.

Court Usage

Club activities take priority. Check the Calendar for scheduled events.

If the courts are full and other members are waiting to play, you should play doubles, not singles and vacate the court after playing one short set or within 30 minutes.

Junior Members are allowed equal playing facilities until 18.30. Juniors may use the courts after 18.30 if not required by the seniors.

Promoted juniors under the age of 16, and student members, may play at club sessions and in tournaments.

Children under 10 years may only use the courts if supervised by an adult member.

To keep our facilities in good condition, no wheeled transport (such as bikes and skateboards) or glass bottles on court.

Court Dress

Non marking tennis shoes only. No cross trainers as they tear the court surface.

Appropriate sports clothing only. Players to wear a shirt at all times.

Shoe Tags

Shoe tags must be worn at all times to confirm membership.

Wearing shoe tags makes it easy to identify non members who are using our facilities.


Guests to the club are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult member. A guest is permitted to play a maximum of six times in any one season.

A committee member should be consulted if a student or junior member wishes to bring a guest.

Guest Fees

Guest fees must be paid to the Membership Secretary or another committee member within one week. Please mark envelope with names of the member and guest.

£2.50 weekdays up to 16.30, £5 at all other times, juniors half price.


All coaches must submit copies of their licenses to the Club’s Safeguarding Officer.

A coach who is not a member should pay guest fees as should a non member receiving private coaching on the courts.

If any member considers that any of the above rules are being contravened please inform a member of the committee.


February 2017

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