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Looking to play tennis with friends and family? Members of our club have four hard courts plus two grass courts in the summertime, all maintained to a high standard, on which to play tennis. With floodlights on all four hard courts, members are able to enjoy playing social tennis through the winter, even when it’s dark!  Simply book a court online, no turn up and play.

Club Sessions

For new and existing members, there are plenty of opportunities to play social tennis and meet people at the same time. Club sessions are open to players of differing standards who know their way around a tennis court, offering the chance to play with stronger and weaker players; simply turn up and play. Prospective members are very welcome and we even let you have three free taster sessions!

Please note that you should be able to serve, volley and play rallies to attend club sessions. If you are new to tennis, or have only had some basic coaching, please contact our Head Coach Katie to arrange for individual lessons or enquire about a Beginners Coaching Course.

Weekly Schedule of Club Activities

Monday10:00-12:00Club MorningTurn up & play-social doubles.
A good way to start the week!
Malcolm Clarke 01603 528197
Tuesday18:30-20:30Club NightTurn up & play-social doubles.
All are welcome!
Jenny Chambers
Thursday18:30-20:30Club NightTurn up & play-social doubles.
All are welcome!
Jenny Chambers
Saturday10:00-12.00Club MorningSocial doubles. A rota of 16 players-8 men & 8 ladies
Contact Margaret to join the rota!
Margaret Robins 01508 470296

Monday Club Mornings, Tuesday and Thursday Club Nights Covid 19 Guidelines

On arrival, players should report to the organiser, who will make a note of names (and contact details for prospective members) and indicate which court players should go to and, if a tube of balls is not already on the court, hand one to a player.

Sets will generally comprise seven games but, at the organiser’s discretion, this may be reduced to five if the number of attendees exceeds court capacity to a significant extent. Sudden death (one point) deuces.

When players have completed their set number of games, they should remain at a social distance on the court on which they have been playing, until instructed by the organiser as to where they will be playing their next game.

Players must observe the rule of six and maintain social distancing at all times when on court, waiting to go on court or after playing.

At the end of the session the balls should be returned to the organiser.

Please read: Club Morning Activity Plan   Club Night Activity Plan

Saturday Club Mornings Covid 19 Guidelines

The designated organiser will stand at the entrance to the lower courts and assign players to the courts as they arrive. Players will be reminded of social distancing requirements.

Upon initial assignment to the courts players will be told what to do at the end of each set.  Normally the winners of the first 8 games on a court will play with the winners on the adjacent court, and the losers likewise.  At the end of the second set the double winners and double losers will move on to the lower courts and those winning one and losing one set will play on the upper courts.  If the score at the end of a set is 4-4, the pair who won the last game will be declared the winners. Sudden death (one point) deuces.

When the rota is issued to the players at the start of a quarter a copy of the Activity Action Plan will accompany it. Players will be reminded that their compliance with the requirements is a condition of play.  The organiser of each week (shown in red on the rota) will be designated the COVID lead for that session.

Please read: Saturday Club Morning Activity Action Plan

Saturday Rota April -June 2021

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