Cringleford Courts, Oakfields Road, Cringleford, NR4 6XF

Club Information

Special Offer on Floodlight Tennis for Membership to 31st March 2022

All floodlight tennis is currently free until 31st March 2022, when it will be reviewed by the committee.  

To turn the lights on, simply turn the ‘key’ inside the token box. As all the floodlights are now Led’s, the lights come on immediately. Please remember to turn the lights off as you leave.

The floodlights are set to prevent use prior to 8am and after 10pm.

Guests and Fees

Guests to the club are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult member and pay a fee. Go to Club Rules for full details.

Pavilion Access

Admittance to the Pavilion is by a key fob, which is located in the key box outside the new access door on the left hand side (not through kitchen). The code for the Pavilion key box is shared with members by email. Face masks must be worn and the hand sanitiser available at the entrance of the Pavilion should be used. 

  • The key box code will be changed monthly by the Parish Council, starting on 1st of the month and will be emailed to members.
  • The key box code should not be disclosed to any other person other than members of the club.
  • To open: Swipe the fob against the black part of the door handle – a small green light will appear when it is unlocked.
  • Replace the key fob in the lock box immediately after opening the door so it is available for other users.
  • As you exit: To lock, close the door and pull the handle up for two seconds and you will hear it lock – a small red light will appear.
  • The club will lose its damage deposit if the key fob is lost.

First Aid

Pavilion: A first aid kit is available for use and is situated under the main kitchen sink.  Please sign the First Aid book to report all incidents and inform the parish clerk on 01603 250198.

Lower and Upper Courts: Mini first aid kits are situated in the green floodlight token boxes. If used please email Jenny Chambers so she can top up as necessary-thank you.

Our Health & Safety webpage includes an Accident/Incident Form which should be completed in the event of an accident on the courts.

Racket Restringing

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